Wellbeing and mental health

Improved mental health could be a walk in the park

If the sunshine today is tempting you outside, go with it.  Studies show how being outdoors can lift your spirits, and that a walk in the woods, stroll along a beach, or hike up a mountain can have positive effects which last for up to 7 hours.  Even the colours of the countryside can have therapeutic benefits, with green typically known to relax people.  Walking with a companion is even better, whether it is a dog, a partner or a group of friends, for sharing experiences can forge relationships which is something those with mental health issues often battle with.  A walk is also a socially acceptable last minute activity which can be easy to plan.  There’s no food to cook, tickets to book or outfit to buy, just text a friend and see if they want to join you.  You could inject some fun by taking a scooter, a frisbee or planning to pass an ice cream stall.  Stay safe by taking your phone, using sun cream, carrying water and wearing a hat, and avoid isolated areas if you plan to walk alone.  If you are unable to walk, why not visit a local green space and enjoy a picnic, or drive to a scenic spot and marvel at the view?

If you’d like to know more about the positive effects of being outside, take a read of this article:



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