Wellbeing and mental health

When Sunday meets Monday

Do you ever get that sinking feeling on a Sunday evening when you realise tomorrow is Monday?

It now has a name: Smonday.

Monday has arrived early and is impacting negatively on your weekend.  You can feel the stress levels rise, and maybe the anxiety, too, and if you’ve had a long relaxing weekend, or a week’s holiday it can feel even worse.  However, there are a number of things you can try to help combat the Monday morning blues.

  1. On Sunday evening get organised by charging your phone and planning your outfit. If you normally take a packed lunch to work, make it on Sunday and pop it in the fridge.
  2. On Monday morning, don’t be tempted to press the snooze button.  It may feel like the sensible thing to do (you’re tired so why not grab 10 more minutes?), but in reality, you are setting yourself a bigger challenge to get ready in a shorter period of time.
  3. Stretch to wake up your muscles and joints.  If you have a cat or dog, you’ll have noticed how they stretch after a nap.  Sometimes they have a shake, too, so why not give that a try?  It’ll make you smile as well as kick start your metabolism!  Then take a few deep breaths to fire up your brain.
  4. Eat breakfast. Don’t try to force down a full English fry-up, if that’s not the kind of thing you normally enjoy, but stabalise your blood sugar levels by eating something such as  fruit and yoghurt.
  5. Give yourself something to look forward to, such as a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, or eating your lunch outside in the sunshine with a friend.
  6. Plan something fun for after work.  The weather is good for this week, so make the most of the long sunny evenings.

Anxiety can be defined as an overestimation of threat (in this case, Monday is looming), an underestimation of ability to cope (Monday is something I can’t face), and an underestimation of help available (I’m struggling to cope with Monday and no one understands).  By getting organised the night before, you are positively setting yourself up to cope better with the day ahead, and by breaking up the day with things to look forward to, you are diminishing the threat.

However, if everyday is a real struggle, and you are concerned about your anxiety levels, do visit your GP, or arrange to see a counsellor.  Anxiety isolates.  Break the cycle by seeking help.