Benefits of counselling

A question of perspective

We use things to enhance our view all the time.  Us humans like to look at stuff, whether it’s other people, the natural world, or crazy cat videos on Youtube.  We might pop on a pair of glasses or magnify the screen to find the information we need to satisfy our curiosity.

Perspective is also important to us.  Our eyes are designed to allow us to judge distance and speed with incredible accuracy and they give us a depth of perception.  Depth perception is the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions, or 3D.  (That’s why optical illusions can be fun – or frustrating!)  We have an ability to place ourselves in relation to other objects and make judgments.  Are we bigger, taller, faster, closer than the object of our attention?  Is there a risk, or are we ok?  …Is it safe to cross the road in front of that bus, or am I too slow?

Anxiety can greatly affect our perspective.  Suddenly, we can begin to doubt our ability to cope with a situation.  We may begin to hesitate, hang back or even withdraw from social situations as we perceive others to be funnier, more attractive, better company than us.  Opting out feels easier and safer than opting in.  But as our sense of self slowly diminishes, the world around us can grow bigger, louder and more frightening in our estimation.

You might feel that you are exhausted from trying to think yourself out of a problem and believe you have looked at it from every possible angle.  Or perhaps everyone you know has offered advice and none of it has helped.  In fact, it’s made you more confused.  Counselling offers a place to stand and get a different view of the situation you face.  You may feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped but with help from your counsellor you will begin to glimpse possibilities and options you couldn’t see before.  Your counsellor can also resource you, highlight your strengths and encourage your confidence.