Wellbeing and mental health

Warning – low battery!

After the hype and excitement of Christmas January can leave us feeling like we’re running on empty.  It’s amazing how many of us seem to be powered by sunlight and notice the gloomy weather impacting our mood.  Add a virus or the stress of a credit card bill landing on the mat and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.  What we need is a little energy boost.

Here are some suggestions to think about taken from sources such as the NHS website, and various health and fitness articles.  You don’t need to try them all but perhaps you may find something which will give you a lift.

  • Drink a glass of water as dehydration saps our energy.
  • Practice some breathing exercises – there’s one on my Facebook page.
  • Have a good belly laugh – it’ll tone your abs as well as lift your mood.
  • Cut down/out the sugar and caffeine and chomp on some nuts (as long as you’re not allergic) or carrot sticks.  Sometimes our mouths get bored and want something to do, so look for things which you can chew for a while.
  • Interestingly, if you run  up and down the stairs, walk briskly around the block or do some push-ups you’ll feel energised, so get your blood pumping!
  • Or you could try cranking up the music and dance to your favourite feel-good tunes
  • Try a vitamin supplement – winter weather can take its toll on our immune system.  Vitamin D may be helpful for those who miss the sunshine.
  • Take advantage of your local gym and lift some weights, or learn to box.  Releasing pent up energy is immensely liberating.
  • Search Netflix for a good old weepy movie and have a cry.  Tears contain a natural antiseptic and the flushing of our nose and eyes through crying can leave us feeling calmer and more peaceful – literally the antiseptic tears leave us less irritated.
  • Wrap up warm and get outside to feel the wind/snow/hail on your face!  You’ll tingle from the cold and feel exhilarated.
  • Turn your devices off early tonight and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Plan a treat.
  • Ask for help.  If you have financial worries there are organisations which can help such as CAP.  If you are concerned about your health, see your GP.  If you need some support, text a friend.  Or you could always see a counsellor.