Benefits of counselling, Wellbeing and mental health

So long … farewell … good riddance!

Closed signs have been a bit of a feature of 2020. Shops and services, schools and clubs, businesses and events have all closed at one time or another. Some temporarily; and sadly, some for good. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways over the past year, and as we prepare to close the door for good on 2020, I wonder how you’d like to cross the threshold into 2021.

Perhaps you relish the opportunity to slam the door, metaphorically speaking, on the past year (and use some choice words to let 2020 know exactly what you thought of it while you’re about it). You may prefer to let the old year slip away quietly whilst you turn your face towards the dawning light of a new beginning and fresh hope. Or you may simply feel numb. Loss can do that to us.

But New Year’s Eve presents us with a special moment in time – a line in the sand, a point of crossing over from the old into the new. And I wonder what you will carry over the threshold with you as you step into 2021. What will you take with you into this next year?

If you feel that you’re going to carry a heavy burden into 2021, or you have experienced profound loss this year and would like someone to help you find your bearings again why not think about contacting a counsellor? Talking about your concerns, issues or worries can be immensely helpful.

Perhaps you are struggling with a lack of direction or you’d value some encouragement and support as you tackle those New Year Resolutions. Counselling can help build your resilience, develop motivation and energise you ready for the year ahead. Counselling doesn’t just focus on the past – it can help us look at the future differently and enable us to live our best life today.

The door to 2021 stands open and as we cross the threshold tonight I wish you a very happy and healthy new year!