In order to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19, a number of procedures are in place to protect us both before, during, and after a face-to-face session.

Please cancel your session if:

  • you have developed any Covid-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19
  • you have been contacted by the NHS Track and Trace team and asked to self-isolate
  • you have taken a Covid-19 test in the last 4 weeks which was positive
  • you live with someone who has been asked to self-isolate due to Covid-19
  • you have travelled outside the UK in the last 2 weeks
  • you have travelled to or through an area in the UK currently under localised lockdown
  • you feel unwell in any other regard

(No charge will be made for appointments cancelled at short notice)

Before your session:
Please check your phone in case I have cancelled at the last minute due to illness, the need to self-isolate, or a change in government or professional body guidelines

When you attend your session, please:

  • arrive promptly and wait in your car, if possible, until your appointment time
  • only bring what you will need for your session to minimise cross-contamination
  • wear a face covering as you enter the building (unless you are exempt)
  • use the hand sanitiser provided (or your own, if preferred)
  • maintain social distancing while you wait in the Reception area to be collected
  • avoid using the drinks machine (bottled water will be provided in the room)
  • minimise your use of the toilet facilities if at all possible

I will:

  • meet you in the Reception area
  • be wearing a mask
  • open all doors for you and maintain a 2 metre distance where possible
  • follow all government guidelines and professional body advice to make this as safe as possible for both of us

In the room:

  • I will take your temperature using a forehead scanner
  • I will ask you to complete a Covid-19 Questionnaire to manage any risk of infection
  • We will be seated more than 2 metres apart
  • A clear perspex screen will stand between us
  • Hand sanitiser is available
  • You will be provided with a fresh packet of tissues, a bottle of water and a new pen
  • The air conditioning unit will be on to provide ventilation and is Covid-19 compliant
  • The room will be cleaned after each face-to-face session (hard and soft surfaces)

Please inform me immediately should you develop any Covid-19 symptoms within 2 weeks of your appointment