Wellbeing and mental health

A nice cup of tea

Aahhh...a nice cup of tea!  There are so many great reasons to enjoy a cuppa, and making one for someone else can bring them health benefits, too. The act of deciding to have a brew can sometimes be enough to lower your stress levels as you're distracting yourself from a difficult task, tricky situation or… Continue reading A nice cup of tea

Wellbeing and mental health

Detox time!

Surely January is THE detox month?  Uh-uh.  You ready for a little history lesson?  February is derived from the Latin februum, and was concerned with ritual purification.  As the last month of the old pre-Julian calendar, February was concerned with closure and cleansing.  So, back in the day, people would have been busy dealing with 'stuff'… Continue reading Detox time!

Wellbeing and mental health

Warning – low battery!

After the hype and excitement of Christmas January can leave us feeling like we're running on empty.  It's amazing how many of us seem to be powered by sunlight and notice the gloomy weather impacting our mood.  Add a virus or the stress of a credit card bill landing on the mat and it can… Continue reading Warning – low battery!

Wellbeing and mental health

FOMO and sleep

According to behavioural scientist, Nick Hobson, FOMO, or the fear of missing out, has always been around, it's just we now have a formal nomenclature to describe it.  FOMO has us wondering if other people are having more fun than us, doing more exciting things than us, or living a more fulfilling life than us. … Continue reading FOMO and sleep

Benefits of counselling

Chickens and depression

For a number of years we have kept chickens, and generally let them free range (unless DEFRA tell us otherwise).  I love to watch them mooching around the garden, looking for interesting things to peck at, scratch up, or pass to each other.  Mostly, I'm fascinated that they can display an amazing number of emotions… Continue reading Chickens and depression