Benefits of counselling

The power of words

A friend observed recently how powerful and enduring words are.  She's right.  It probably wouldn't take you or I too long to recall things said to us years ago that still ring in our ears, and maybe echo in our hearts.  And the chances are that those words weren't kind or encouraging.  They probably cut… Continue reading The power of words

Benefits of counselling

Chickens and depression

For a number of years we have kept chickens, and generally let them free range (unless DEFRA tell us otherwise).  I love to watch them mooching around the garden, looking for interesting things to peck at, scratch up, or pass to each other.  Mostly, I'm fascinated that they can display an amazing number of emotions… Continue reading Chickens and depression

Wellbeing and mental health

Water and relationships

The summer months bring longer days, brighter colours and sunny weather - all factors which can enhance positive moods.  We may feel more able to relax, enjoy our free time, and address the work/life balance with a holiday or a trip out.  Also, the opportunity for a spot of sunbathing tops up our vitamin D… Continue reading Water and relationships

Benefits of counselling

I’m sorry, I haven’t got a clue!

When it comes to depression, most people will struggle to explain how they feel.  Utterly overwhelmed by their symptoms, they can find it very difficult to pin down what exactly is wrong.  Concerned friends and family may genuinely want to understand what is happening but phrases such as, "I don't know, I just feel awful"… Continue reading I’m sorry, I haven’t got a clue!